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  1. Grok
    Nov 14,  · The surprise ending is a rich tradition in popular pop and rock songs. Just check out our original Twisted Tunes article for a selection of ten smashes that sock it to listeners with a sudden.
  2. Vukus
    Vinyl Syndicate on AccuRadio. Free customizable online radio with unlimited skips. Listen now!
  3. Meztirr
    This is a long play album of The McKeithens. Selections include: Something Better Than Gold, Something Special, Fill Me Now, He Took Me Thru the Fire, Join Me on the Mountian, Back to the bible, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, Still singing, I'm So glad I Know You, Patriotic Medley.5/5(1).
  4. Ararr
    Mar 16,  · If you’ve ever heard Lauv’s song ‘I Like Me Better’ no doubt you know how catchy it is. That one tune that goes a little like ‘ba da, da da, mm mm da’ can literally get stuck in your head for hours, and really that’s how you know you’ve created an absolute hit.
  5. Dashicage
    You know, that Spanish-speaking gentlemen, the one we all called "Kurt." Come now, gentleman, I know there's some mistake. How forgetful I'm becoming, now you fixed your bus'ness straight. I remember you in Hemlock Road in nineteen fifty-six. You're a faggy little leather boy with a smaller piece of stick. You're a lashing, smashing hunk of man;.
  6. Kagis
    Aug 25,  · When you’re getting on a bit and starting to reach a riper age in life, it’s pretty weird to see how things from the good old days come back and get recycled in a much, much cooler way.
  7. Tauramar
    Dec 23,  · Maybe you need a better cart. Maybe you need a better phono stage. Maybe you need a record cleaning machine. Maybe you need a Technics SL Maybe you need a Rega P1, P2, P3 Maybe you need to buy some new records. My rule is, if it sounds better, it is better. The problem with lps is, if it doesn't sound better, you will get a dozen.
  8. Kazraktilar
    If you like Gallant, dvsn and Daniel Caesar, listen to Sonder/Brent Fayiaz. Sonder is a R&B trio consisting of producers Atu and Dpat, and singer Brent Fayiaz, who released three gorgeous EP’s.

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