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  1. Mogal
    Jun 06,  · Description: Quits/stops/exits the program. Programs without a draw() function stop automatically after the last line has run, but programs with draw() run continuously until the program is manually stopped or exit() is run. Rather than terminating immediately, exit() will cause the sketch to exit after draw() has completed (or after setup() completes if called during the setup() function).
  2. Zulushura
    EXIT(3) Linux Programmer's Manual EXIT(3) NAME top exit - cause normal process termination SYNOPSIS top #include void exit(int status); DESCRIPTION top The exit() function causes normal process termination and the least significant byte of status (i.e., status & 0xFF) is returned to the parent (see wait(2)).
  3. Grokree
    The exit() function causes normal process termination and the value of status & is returned to the parent (see wait(2)).. All functions registered with atexit(3) and on_exit(3) are called, in the reverse order of their registration. (It is possible for one of these functions to use atexit(3) or on_exit(3) to register an additional function to be executed during exit processing; the new.
  4. Shakabei
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  5. Kihn
    Parameters. status. If status is a string, this function prints the status just before exiting.. If status is an integer, that value will be used as the exit status and not kenwyzadiburphezaconzaczcilpercma.xyzinfo statuses should be in the range 0 to , the exit status is reserved by PHP and shall not be used.
  6. Yozshura
    EXIT Realty's team of experienced real estate agents can help you find homes for sale in your ideal neighborhood, or help you to sell your current home. Prime career and franchise opportunities available in the U.S. and Canada for business entrepreneurs. Search the latest real estate listings at kenwyzadiburphezaconzaczcilpercma.xyzinfo
  7. Akinozshura
    status Exit status code. Remarks. The exit, _Exit and _exit functions terminate the calling process. The exit function calls destructors for thread-local objects, then calls—in last-in-first-out (LIFO) order—the functions that are registered by atexit and _onexit, and then flushes all.

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